The Tangled Path is….

Oh no! This is the part where I have to stick myself in a box. Argh, I’m terrible at this. Let’s just touch on some topics that you may experience here in The Tangled Path:

  • Creativity and the creative process (I’m a writer, artist, harpist, etc)

  • Spirituality, near-death experiences, apparitions and such

  • Nature - aka my woodsy lifestyle

  • Fiction and art

Of course…you may have noticed that all of these things can be bundled into the same post, so perhaps they are not entirely different or separate from each other :)

Muddling through the middle

I never feel like I have The Answers for much of anything. If you are looking for The Answers, they are probably not here. But if you, like me, are just muddling through the middle, trying to untangle the knots of life and creativity…then this might be a great place for you.

The Tangled Path’s subtitle is “untangling the knots of creative and spiritual life.” See this post for more on that theme:

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What it’s like

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Why be a paid subscriber, then?

You’ll be able to read every single post. But perhaps more importantly, your financial support is encouragement for me to keep going. After fees from Substack and Stripe, about 85% of your paid subscription goes straight to me, the author/artist/creator.

I am so grateful to all of my paid subscribers; I feel like they are cheering for me every time I sit down to write a post. Thank you all!

“Who are you?”

I’ve written some published books (the Waking Land trilogy, which are fantasy novels), some unpublished books (genre: take your pick!), an increasing number of essays on here; my work has also been anthologized in Unfettered III and The Best Buddhist Writing 2012; I have written A LOT of newsletters as part of my day jobs; and if you really want to delve into the deep cuts, I have also written some very, very unpublished murder mystery dinner theater plays for my friends.

I’m a folk harpist and (at one time) certified therapeutic harp practitioner. I am also a mixed media artist and have a natural dye/eco-printing side business with my mom and aunt.

A few of my favorite things, in no particular order:

  • almond butter

  • tea

  • Derry Girls

  • neolithic monuments

  • Howl’s Moving Castle

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unraveling the knots of creative and spiritual life


Unraveling the knots of life at the Tangled Path. Author of the Waking Land series, essays, more. Artist and harpist.